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Grace Wine 甲州 Koshu 2020 (750ml)
Grace Wine 甲州 Koshu 2020 (750ml)

  • Grace Wine 甲州 Koshu 2020 (750ml)

Grace Wine 甲州 Koshu 2020 (750ml)

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Grace Koshu 甲州Koshu 2020 (750ml)

Region: Yamanashi prefecture山梨縣

Background: We are particular about grapes with an altitude of 400 m or more. In the field, in order to reduce the influence of autumn rain, each bunch is covered with a shade and harvested after sufficient maturity. After cooling at the winery, it is gently squeezed over time.

Winemaking: Stainless steel tank fermentation and storage

Grapes: Koshu

Tasting note: Crystal clear and brilliant pale lemon yellow with a green tinge. Aromas are rich and attractive with impression of fresh pears, white peaches, honeysuckles, rosemary, cloves and minerality reminiscent of stones. On the palate, smooth mouthfeel and dry. The vibrant acidity is persistent and reinforces the middle to the the back palate. Flavours are like the aromas, and the wine finishes off with a hint of umami. A delicate and refreshing white wine with a good balance between aromas and flavours.

Food Pairing: good with delicate white fish or sushi

Scores: N/A

Award: Gold medal - Decanter World Wine Awards - Grace Koshu Private Reserve 2017 & 2018

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