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Suntory Toki 季 (700ml)

[No. WH0241]

Suntory Toki 季 (700ml)
Suntory Toki 季 (700ml)

  • Suntory Toki 季 (700ml)

Suntory Toki 季 (700ml)

[No. WH0241]

HKD 620.00
HKD 550.00

Suntory Toki是一款調和威士忌,由來自白州麥芽威士忌及知多穀物威士忌所混合而成。他們取來自美國木桶的白州原酒,取其獨特的青蘋果香氣,清新又芳香。另外再選知多穀物威士忌的原酒,加入了清爽的甜度與雲尼拿香氣,最後出來的效果,會是絲滑的口感,亦有一定的複雜性,亦強調出其甜度,加上如桃般的香氣,最後帶來既甜又辣的餘韻。

Toki is a blended whisky from Suntory's three distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. This is a round and sweet blend with a refreshing citrus character and a spicy finish.'Toki' means 'time' in Japanese. Toki has a different composition to its sister blend, Suntory Hibiki, and its main components are Hakushu single malt and Chita grain whisky

Alcohol: 43%

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